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March 15, 2013


To lead a healthy environment for the development of Cyprus’ Immigration—Property Market;

To help Immigration—Property Scheme to play a more important  role in the Cyprus’s economic Recovery;


To create a great opportunity for immigration investors to find a satisfying second home,

We have the Legal Service Provider from Cyprus, the Real-Estate  Developers from Cyprus and the exhibition Organizer----Worldway Group, gathering here today at the European Hall for the Shanghai Spring Property Exhibition and the 2013 Europe Immigration Year. In line with the spirit of carrying on the duty to be responsible to society, to the investors and to our conscience, We hereby announce the following:


——Cyprus, as one of the important member of EU and Mediterranean countries, has sound and stable legal system, safe and friendly social environment, livable healthy lifestyle, tolerable and harmonious multi-culture, Is an ideal place to own a second home in Europe.


——Chinese investors are warmly welcomed to Cyprus, and we endeavor to build amicable investment environment to external investors, and to make value extend to the best.


——We adopt Chinese laws and regulations and management system. Developers and immigrant lawyers in Cyprus cooperate only with those Chinese intermediary agencies that have already got legal qualification to promote real estate immigration.


——We against vicious competition, oppose to slander each other, and shall never disturb potential clients in public like airports, hotels, restaurants, etc.


——We advocate integrity business philosophy, practically introduce immigration regulations and real estate resources to investors, and firmly oppose to any form of false advertising and price gouging.


——We devote ourselves to provide investors with European standard high quality houses and perfect after-sales service, property management service and relocation service, and finally to assist investors to create a happy home abroad.


——We provide high quality immigration service and help investors and their families, within the scope permitted by law, to obtain Cyprus permanent residency permit as soon as possible via investing in real estate, and help them integrate into European society.


We, Developers of Cyprus, lawyers, European Hall Organizer Worldway Group who have social sense of responsibility, will work with Chinese investors together to build the bridge of friendly exchanges between the great people of China and Cyprus!


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